Types Of Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Policies

Protect Your Property, Possessions, & Family!

You’ve made a significant investment in the purchase of a home. You want it protected with a comprehensive homeowner's insurance policy. The LBW team will advise you on how homeowners insurance can protect your property, family, possessions, and finances.

Helping Our Clients Find a Plan Customized to Their Unique Needs

LBW’s experienced agents understand that each client and home has unique needs. We are well-prepared to help you find a customized plan that perfectly matches your requirements. We’ll listen to you and help you determine the amount of personal property and personal liability coverage you want, what additional endorsements you want to add to the policy, and other important details.

A homeowner's insurance policy provides coverage for:

  • The physical home
  • Additional buildings or structures that are on your property
  • Personal belongings, such as clothing, appliances, furniture, and more
  • Additional living expenses
  • Personal liability

Additional Coverage Elements for Homeowner's Insurance

In addition to this coverage, you are also able to choose additional items. These include home replacement guarantee, replacement cost on contents, earthquake or flood coverage, and more. Whatever your specific situation and needs may be, count on our experienced and knowledgeable agents to help you find the right policy fit. Our private insurance agency compares the rates of numerous insurance carriers, ensuring that you have several options to choose from. Learn more about the benefits of homeowner's insurance and how we can assist by calling us at (888) 522-7805 today!