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Our Process

Our Process

A More Personalized Approach to Insurance

LBW Insurance and Financial Services have been advising businesses and individuals since 1922. We are built on the principles of providing superior customer service and quality solutions for our customers. Each plan is custom-tailored to fit your needs, goals, and desires.

Our One Agent Approach

As an independent agent, we work not only as our client’s advisor but also as their representative and advocate to the insurance marketplace. This means we take the time to truly understand our clients and their situation. After that, we collect and package all of the relevant information needed to present them to our entire roster of partner carriers.

As the client’s sole representative to the marketplace, LBW is able to obtain all offers of coverage and compare them side by side. Only by controlling the entire marketplace can we negotiate the very best solution. This means going back to the two or three most competitive carriers to reduce premiums, increase limits, remove exclusions, or otherwise improve the offering.

This strategy is our One Agent Approach and it is the only way we engage with our clients. Without the ability to act as the sole agent in the insurance arena, LBW is unable to do a complete survey of all the offerings available. And that’s simply not the LBW way.

Our White Glove Assessment

Once we have control of a client’s business risk situation, we move into a second phase of the LBW risk management process. This is specifically for business owners and C-suite executives. The goal of the White Glove Assessment is to shore up personal vulnerabilities the business creates for the owner’s home, family, and way of life. It includes an analysis of current home, auto, life, and other policies. LBW’s White Glove team provides feedback and recommendations regarding gaps in coverage, appropriate limits, and other risk strategies. With the White Glove process, we seek congruency between the protection we provide for the business and the protection provided to the individuals who make it thrive.

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  • I consolidated all of my policies with LBW and received excellent service and better coverage for less annual premiums!

    “I consolidated all of my various insurance policies (homeowner, auto, boat) with LBW and received excellent service from Millie and must say, better coverage on all for less annual premiums! I did not realize that I could get such great rates with AARP policies by using LBW as my agent!!! Highly encourage all my friends to check it out!!!”

    Jennifer Domingos

  • LBW has provided world class service and advice and I would recommend them to anyone desiring top quality insurance solutions.

    “"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding personal attention and service we have received. The staff at LBW are not only very knowledgeable and courteous but they are also accessible both in person and by phone as needed. In addition to all of the personal assistance we have received your staff has well represented LBW as my advocate for quality insurance plans. From design, to enrollment, to administration; LBW has supported me through all of my employee benefits and business insurance choices. LBW has provided world class service and advice and I would recommend them to anyone desiring top quality insurance solutions."”

    Inna Tuler, President Maintco Corporation

  • Thank you for the excellent job you do for my business, my employees, and my family.

    “"I want to thank you for the excellent job you and your team did on my recent fire claim. As you know, the fire we experienced at our property was devastating and the loss much larger than first anticipated. The LBW team stayed on top of the carrier and really pushed to get our claim handled as quickly and effectively as possible. As always, you and your team treated me like a VIP. This is just one more instance that confirms my decision to put both my business and personal insurance with you. More important than the follow-through provided when we experienced our loss, is your team’s continual review of our policies. It was those reviews that made sure we were adequately covered. Thank you also for making me look good in the eyes of the many folks I have referred to you. I know you will always take good care of those I send your way.”

    Rodney L. Gleicher, President G&G Properties

  • Your team works together seamlessly.

    “The service we receive from LBW has been outstanding! Your team works together seamlessly. LBW can be proud to have such helpful, attentive, competent and caring personnel willing to go the extra mile to help the clients they serve.”

    Barbara Frederick, Dir of HR at Filter Pump Industries

  • The guys at LBW really helped us identify our key risks and gave us valuable insights on how to mitigate them

    “The guys at LBW really helped us identify our key risks and gave us valuable insights on how to mitigate them. Howard and Todd are both exceptionally informative and really easy to work with. As the CEO of an emerging-growth startup I highly recommend the team at LBW.”

    Marty Chaskin, Co-Founder and CEO of LockAware, Inc.