Types Of Insurance

Disability and Long Term Care Insurance Agents

Disability Insurance

Most people recognize the value of having Life Insurance to protect their family. Disability Insurance is also very important to maintain your family’s lifestyle in case you become ill or injured and cannot work. If you can’t work, how will you pay your bills? From your savings? Yes, but how long can you do that? What if you have a Long Term Disability and can never go back to work? Disability Insurance can help fill that gap. Statistically, you are much more likely to have a Disability event than to die prematurely. Do not overlook this very important tool to help protect you and your family from financial disaster.

There are two main types of Disability Insurance:

  • Short Term Disability – Typically from 6-12 months. You may have some coverage through your Employer or with the State, or you can purchase a private policy.
  • Long Term Disability - Continues beyond that initial 6-12 month period, perhaps for Life. Private policies can pay you for 2 years, 5 years, to age 65, or perhaps even later.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Long Term Care Insurance is very different from Disability Insurance. While Disability Insurance helps replace your lost income, Long Term Care Insurance reimburses you for qualified Long Term Care Services when you need them due to an accident, illness, or advanced age.

Long Term Care costs can easily top $100,000 per year and can last for many years. Medicare provides very little coverage, if any, typically not for more than 100 days. Costs may be paid by Medi-Cal if you are financially qualified. Way too often these costs are paid from the person’s retirement savings or by their family. A significant LTC event can be financially devastating to that individual, their spouse, or their children. A private LTC Insurance policy can help pay these costs whether you receive care at a facility, assisted living location, or at HOME. Call us to find out about this important coverage! The earlier the better as it is more affordable at a younger age.

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