Can your company re-tool and provide needed supplies?

As the country wrestles with the coronavirus, certain vital medical supplies have become incredibly scarce. Businesses that may not have been deemed "Essential" under orders issued by various civil authorities may find they are able to bring employees back to work manufacturing supplies under government or corporate contracts. Links will be placed here as we find the entry points for these supply chains.

Important note: If you DO begin operations for this purpose, be sure to check in with your LBW commercial insurance team member to be sure you're covered for these new activities.

State of California has a page for supplies being offered for sale or donation. One page for both. See that page here

Los Angeles County is requesting goods and supplies to help with the fight. Check out this page to answer their survey questions and see if they ask for your help.

City of Los Angeles - Mayor Garcetti has created the LA Protects initiative. L.A. Protects could help businesses that might otherwise have to close and furlough staff, by connecting them with opportunities to provide an essential service. Working in partnership with the sustainable fashion brand Reformation, which will monitor mask production to maintain quality assurance, L.A. Protects will match approved manufacturing companies with essential industries in need of masks –– including the healthcare industry, grocers, take-out restaurants, delivery services, as well as food and beverage manufacturers. At posting of this blog, unfortunately, the website is down. But here is the link - we hope/expect the site will be back up shortly!

See the press release about the website and the LA Protects initiative here: MAYOR GARCETTI FORMS ‘L.A. PROTECTS’ TO SPUR NEW PRODUCTION OF URGENTLY-NEEDED SUPPLIES IN FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19

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