Required postings and notifications re: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

OSHA has mandated posting of certain information regarding the coronavirus. Get the pdf version of the notices here. It's recommended that you post these with your other mandatory notices, but also e-mail to your remote workforce.

Prevent Worker Exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tome Medidas para Prevenir la Exposición de los Trabajadores al Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The USDOL has also posted a notification of workers' rights under HR 6201

Employee Rights - Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Important note: USDOL notice must by up by April 1 - there's a fine of $1,000 dollars for non-compliance

The following are not mandatory, but are offered as Best Practices -

- Post Cleanliness Reminders

- Communicate with employees - policy revisions, positive reinforcement

- Maintain and encourage social distancing

- Assess business continuity

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