Workplace Safety Through the Lens of COVID-19

Keeping workers safe has become a more complex task for many employers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some workplaces already had severe hygiene protocols in place because they were dealing with patients in a medical setting, or building a rover headed to Mars, or doing any number of other tasks that required a contamination-free space. But for the rest of us, our space and our habits are undergoing a significant shift.

Currently, in Los Angeles County, we are under an order that prescribes certain actions and materials we must provide for our employees and any visitors to our workspaces. That order, which can be found here, provides that protocol on pages 9-11. If your workplace is open, this protocol should be printed, blanks and checkboxes should be filled in by hand, and it should be posted in a highly visible location. And be sure you're actually following what's prescribed in that document!

Another resource, provided by OSHA, can be accessed here: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Going forward, we expect OSHA and other entities will be providing guidance on specific work environments and industries. As we identify these resources, we'll continue to add them to this post. Please check back here often to see what new information has become available. And, as always, if LBW can answer questions about your insurance policies, overall risk management program, or provide other resources for your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

5/1/2020 Webinar: "Re-Imagining the Office" This is a webinar hosted by our friends at Optimize, Inc. Offers ideas for creating social distance and safety barriers in manufacturing and office environments.

5/4/2020 COVID-19 Guidance for the Manufacturing Industry Workforce OSHA document for worker safety regarding COVID-19 Guidance for other industries can be found here

5/4/2020 COVID-19 Workplace Safety Resources in Spanish Page on US Department of Labor website that lists LOTS of links to resources in Spanish

5/6/2020 CDC Resources: Ongoing Mitigation Guidance for Businesses and Workplaces This page is a jumping off point for LOTS of resources on preventing the spread of COVID-19 among your customers and employees.

5/22/2020 COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit developed by LA County (but most materials can be used by businesses anywhere). Contains printable posters and other messaging tools.

5/26/2020 Statewide Industry Guidance for many different workplace situations. State of California website loaded with specific guidance for industries/work environments such as office spaces, construction, manufacturing, real estate transactions, and more.

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