Cyber Coverage for Business Managers

Tech Secure® for Business Managers

Cyber Insurance Evolved for the Entertainment Community

Business managers in this cybercrime environment face the following threats:

Cyber Threat



Ransomware attacks

System shutdown * Data loss * Lost billable hours * Client Data loss

Costs incurred to recover and/or replace electronic data that is compromised, income loss, cost to restore the system and mitigate further damages.

Business Email Compromise

Unintentional loss of corporate or client funds * Financial fraud * Deception

Cost of money lost by the business manager due to fraudulent inducement and financial fraud.

Data Breaches

Lost: Financial * Personal information * Personally Sensitive * Brand damage * Legal/Regulatory response

Cost for reasonable legal, public relations, advertising, IT forensic, call center, credit monitoring, identity theft restoration, legal analysis, lost profit.

Professional Errors

Negligence as a professional * failure to protect money and data

Cost of legal defense and settlement for damages.

cyber security



LBW is highly motivated to identify your coverage gaps, clarify cyber risk priorities, customize solutions and connect you to preventative services.

Coverage Checklist:

Highlights & Services

  • No cost pre-breach expert consultation included
  • 24/7 online cyber security training courses, sample policies, vendor agreements and compliance resources
  • $0 deductible for initial legal advice for a privacy/security incident
  • Expert “Breach Coach” and legal counsel services
  • Special Business Managers coverage for financial cybercrime losses
  • Coverage for Business Email Compromise (BEC) for getting tricked into sending money to a cybercriminal and financial fraud, Additional limits available for financial crime losses
  • Covers replacement of computer hardware that is no longer usable due to a cyber attack
  • Reward Expenses for informants providing information about a cyber incident
  • Covers lost billable hours due to ransomware and security breaches that shut down your system. Extends this coverage to systems you depend on including losses caused by accidental damage or errors
  • Additional insurance limits for breach costs and legal defense included
  • IT security and forensic experts
  • Customized road map on how to include your insurance with your incident response plan
  • Post breach costs to mitigate the potential of a future security/privacy breach from happening again
  • Close coordination with bank after a cyber attack to get the necessary information and speed recovery
  • Discounted preventive services for Network Security Assessments, Table-top Incident Readiness Consulting
  • Security Awareness Training, Email Phishing Simulations, PCI Compliance Reviews
  • Help in coordinating your other insurance policies to avoid cybercrime coverage gaps
  • Covers replacement of computer hardware that is no longer usable due to a cyber attack
  • Public relations/advertising support
  • Broad Coverage for data that is stored with a third party including, but not limited to, IT outsourcers and Independent contractors, including paper or digital information

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