LBW’s Tech Secure® cybercrime Resource Page

Avoid becoming a victim. Resources below may offer further advice and information on understanding and preventing cyber crime.

Internet Crime Complaint Center - Official Site to File a complaint or get prevention tips.

The FBI is constantly adding new information to the cyber section of their website. Find tips for avoiding several types of internet fraud, report a crime for investigation, or read about the latest cases and takedowns.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section is responsible for implementing the Department’s national strategies in combating computer and intellectual property crimes worldwide.

Secure the Village – an online community that provides executives the knowledge and relationships they need to meet today’s cybercrime, cyber privacy and information security challenges. Their community roundtables are cooperative executive groups for education, network and collaboration.

American Bankers Association resources for banks and consumers.

Department of Homeland Security United States Computer Security Readiness Team

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Consumer Protection Topics – Cybersecurity

Federal Trade Commission Tips & Advice » Business Center » Privacy & Security » Data Security

Below is a sample of an application you could be asked to complete if you are interested in purchasing cyber coverage. Reviewing this may provide some insight into the strength (or weakness) of your current cyber security position:

Cyber Deception Questionnaire