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Almost all organizations rely on information technology for their day to day operations. As we evolve into an integrated system we become more connected by devices, the information we share and the systems and infrastructure we rely on. As technology advances it creates emerging risk. In order to achieve sustainable results a risk-based approach must be understood and implemented. Risk management provides a framework for protecting assets and maximizing opportunities. The Tech Secure® division was created to address the emerging risks arising out of the creation, use and dependency on technology through a framework of risk management for any organization.

Why Tech Secure®

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How Much is Tech Secure®

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  • Custom Cyber Liability/Cyber Crime Insurance Placement and Account Management Services

Included in the placement of Insurance product subject to minimum fee and/or commission of $3,000

Who is this for? Companies that handles, collects, processes confidential, protected or sensitive information. Companies that want to protect their money.

  • Custom Technology & Media Insurance Placement and Account Management Services:

(Complete commercial insurance programs) Included in the placement of Insurance product subject to minimum fee and/or commission of $3,000

Who is this for? Companies that create or provide a technology products or services. Companies that create, produce or distribute, content and/or have intellectual property assets. Companies that participate in social media or advertising.

•Electronic component Distributors and Manufacturers

•Technology service providers, creators, hardware manufacturers and distributors

•IT, Information Security Consulting, Software Development,

•Digital Media

•Entertainment Technology


•Patents, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret

  • Account Secure™ Program

Custom developed for each Bank, requires signed NDA prior to engagement.

Custom cybercrime insurance program allowing fraud protection for business banking customers.

  • Custom Cyber Vendor Risk Management Program

Custom developed for each company, requires signed NDA prior to engagement.

Addressing insurance solutions related to third parties and vendor management.

  • Emerging Technology Companies and Start Ups

No minimum, by referral only

Risk Management


Hourly plus expenses


  • Analysis of Cyber, Crime or Tech E&O Insurance policies
  • Analysis of Insurance requirements in contract agreements


  • Cost of outside services + consulting fee for design, implementation and/or monitoring.
  • Information Security, Physical Security, Executive Security, Workplace Safety, Human Resources, Advisory*
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation

Tech Secure® Recognizes

Individuals and organization who are leaders, experts or those making a positive difference.

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To engage our Tech Secure® Division, contact:

Howard Miller, CRM, CIC
VP, Director of Tech Secure®
(888) 522-7805

Tech Secure(R) is a division of LBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., which is an independent insurance agency and brokerage providing insurance products and services to manage business risk. We provide:

  • Loss control assessment and management services
  • Insurance services, including property and casualty insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, and long term care insurance
  • Placement and administration of employee benefit plans and consultation related thereto
  • Insurance consulting services
  • Financial products and services, including qualified retirement plans, investment advice, asset management, investment planning and consultancy services as well as insurance related to estate and succession planning services

For more information, contact Randy Moberg at info@lbwinsurance.com