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  • 10 Teen Driving Stats That Might Surprise You

    Adding a teen driver to your auto policy for the first time can cause a severe case of sticker shock. Here are some stats that may help you understand why teens are seen as such high risk drivers. Consider discussing these with your teen and committing to be an entire family of safe and aware drivers. And thanks to our friends at Safeco for providing this frightening infographic.
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  • Work Comp Officer Exclusion Threshold Changing to 10%

    Important notice for our clients who carry Workers Compensation insurance Last year, state law AB2883 changed officer exclusion criteria making it so that only owners/officers/executives with at least 15% ownership could be excluded from the payroll calculation for Work Comp premiums. Well, that is changing again on July 1, 2018. The new threshold to allow exclusion will be ownership of 10% or ...
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  • Are You a Distracted Driver?

    For years, major media and education campaigns around deaths on America’s roadways focused on drunk driving. Over time, thankfully, the message began to sink in. The social stigma and the punishments that go with drunk driving today have resulted in fewer crashes and deaths. Now, data is showing that a new behavior has become the greatest threat on the road. According to Sam Madden, co-founder and ...
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  • 4 Tips for Staying in Compliance with Your AED

    Adding an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to your organization demonstrates your intention to protect your employees – and anybody else who may visit your worksite. That’s an important and well-intentioned step. Good for you! You’ve hung that AED on the wall and there it sits, but are you and the AED truly ready for that unexpected cardiac emergency? And do you realize the compliance that ...
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  • Minimum Wage Increase: July 1, 2018

    Just a reminder that it's time for another Minimum Wage increase. On July 1, 2018 the City of Los Angeles, portions of Los Angeles County, and a handful of other municipalities will be raising their Minimum Wage.
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